Meet Asa

A dedicated community advocate

Asa Strout is a Livermore native and father who is dedicated to giving back to his community. His community involvement has spanned decades from his work as an Eagle Scout, to raising money for Child's AIDS Prevention as part of the Tri-Valley Rotaract Club, as a Team Lead for mentoring under-served youth in Oakland, and most recently as the CEO of Unify Livermore. 

Asa is passionate about making Livermore a better place for the next generation of Livermore youth and changing the lives of our families. His work as the co-manager of Yes on P cemented growth and innovation in Downtown Livermore, making it a place where families can gather for generations to come. 


Issues & Core Values

Expect Great Changes

As a member of the Livermore Valley School Board, Asa will be committed to bringing forth more communication and collaboration between the community and the Livermore School Board. Asa’s priorities when elected to the Livermore School Board will focus on the safety for all, transparency, and bringing his technology background to the school board.

School Bus & Children
Giving a Speech
Technology Class

Safety First

Any plan to reopen the Livermore School District must include the following; a phased approach focused on student needs and medical science with students with special needs and students with sub-optimal learning environments safely returning first and protective equipment provided to teachers and students by the Livermore School District at no cost. Our students are also experiencing sexual harassment and racism while on campus, Asa will collaborate with affected communities to develop programs and policies so our girls and students of color are safe at school.

Transparency and Advocacy

As a community advocate, Asa believes strongly in honesty and transparency and is committed to bringing these values to the Livermore School Board. For too long actions taken by the Livermore School Board have been communicated after voting has taken place. By providing regular updates and collaborating directly with the community and teachers, we will create a partnership that highlights issues and creates open discourse before decisions are made, not after.


Technology is an integral part of modern-day learning, especially during a pandemic. Asa’s background as an IT Business Analyst puts him at the center of decision making behind the software and hardware needed to create a successful business environment. This experience gives Asa the advantage of understanding the full capabilities of the technology needed to make students and teachers successful while distance learning. Asa will bring that expertise to all decisions made as a Board Member.

Image by Tyler Casey

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